Series 4 (2008)

Episode title: The Stolen Earth
Featuring: Tenth Doctor
Companions: Donna Noble, Captain Jack Harkness, Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Sarah Jane Smith
First shown: 28th June 2008
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Guide: The Earth has been moved, but the TARDIS remains at the same spot. From all around the world, old heroes like Martha, Captain Jack and Sarah-Jane anxiously look up at the sky. Rose appears in the streets with a flash of blue light, looking up at the sky, she says “now we’re in trouble”. The Sky is dotted with Planets, close and far, different colours and sizes, all in the different part of the galaxy, far away from where Earth used to be. Donna is upset about loosing her family, and the Doctor tells her he is taking her to the Shadow Proclamation, to get help.

Martha attempts to call the Doctor with the fail proof number, but she can not get through, and says “they must be blocking it, whoever they are”. A spaceship/space station comes into orbit on the screens, and as time goes on, spaceships are being detected by the Pentagon. There is a message for the human race, “Exterminate…!”. Daleks.

Martha looks horrified and is unable to move. Captain Jack turns white and says “There’s nothing I can do. I’m sorry, we’re dead." Sarah-Jane stares at the screen, tears filling her eyes, she hugs her son saying, “Oh son, you’re so young!”. And Rose glares at the screen, and runs out into the streets with her gun. A Spaceship comes into view as Rose looks up, it shoots at the city.

As the Daleks mutter amongst themselves, General Sanchez sets up Ultimate Code Red, and they are at war. The Daleks attack town, and Martha looks through the window, terrified. In the Dalek spaceships, Dalek Supreme emerges and declares that, “Soon the crucible will be complete, we have waited long for this ultimate destiny. Now the Daleks are the masters of Earth!”

The Doctor and Donna arrive at the Shadow Proclamation, and are met with the Judoon. Doctor proceeds to speak to the leader of the Shadow Proclamation, who informs him that 24 worlds have been taken from the sky. After some of Donna’s talk, Doctor realises that the Planets have been taken out of Time as well as Space. Doctor reckons that it’s like a powerhouse, and mentions that one enemy has tried to move the Earth before…

General Sanchez declares the Project Indigo has launched, but Martha protests with the fact that it hasn’t even been tested. With Captain Jack telling Martha not to use Project Indigo, General Sanchez forces her into the strap and gives her the Osterhagen Key. As voices of the Daleks approach in the background, General Sanchez salutes Martha and wishes her luck. Martha says ‘Goodbye Jack’ and pulls the trigger, dissolving her into blue light. Captain Jack declares that Martha is now scattered in the atmosphere, and she is ‘down’.

Out of frustration, Donna tells Doctor that the only ‘change’ on Earth recently was ‘the bees disappearing’, and after repeating it several times, the Doctor provides an explanation that bees were not ‘disappearing’ they were returning to their home planet. Doctor finds the trail to lead them to Earth, and him and Donna runs off. The Leader calls him back and declares that the Doctor will lead them into battle. He disappears in the TARDIS with Donna though.

Donna’s mother and grandfather are cornered by a Dalek, and as they were about to be Exterminated, Rose appears and blasts the Dalek’s head off. She tells the Noble family that she is Rose Tyler, and she needs them. She needed them to find Donna, so she could find the Doctor.

All over the world, the heroes are submitting to the Daleks and surrendering. Harriet Jones, ex-Prime Minister contacts Captain Jack and the others. Including Martha, who managed to end up in her mother’s house, just where she wanted to be. As Harriet Jones, Martha Jones, Captain Jack and Sarah-Jane contact, they make every phone on Earth call the Doctor. As Harriet Jones is about to be exterminated, she tells Captain Jack to tell Doctor that he chose his companions well.

Doctor comes back. And it’s been described as a out of space facebook. But the Daleks make contact with the Doctor. All the heroes travel, in all ways, to the Doctor. He sees Rose and runs towards her, at the same time, a Dalek appears and shoots the Doctor. Captain Jack appears and shoots the Dalek. Rose runs to the Doctor, and they bring him into the TARDIS. The Doctor ‘starts’ to regenerate. The rest of Torchwood and Sarah-Jane are ambushed by Daleks.

Rose begs the Doctor not to regenerate, but he says, “sorry, I’m regenerating.”. The Episode ends here.

This is the first of a two part story. Read the second part here.

Written by Kkytha.

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